Getting practical

My unhappy living situation meant I was super-keen to get a boat and move onto is as soon as possible. Finding Dreams, I thought I would be able to complete the purchase and move her closer to home during the Easter holidays. I’m a teacher, so this was quite important, really.

However, for whatever reason all the boatyards and slipways are really busy at the moment, blacking hulls, surveying for new purchasers… and the broker couldn’t find a dry dock available before 4th April. This is the end of the holidays. Allowing three days for the report to be written up, there’d be no time at all for me to move Dreams any distance before we were all back to school. I was dismayed. Home is not very homely- I would not recommend living with an ex, and had I more available cash I would not have contemplated it for a moment. However, there it was. I was (am) looking at a full survey plus the cost of drydock, plus a huge delay (possibly meaning an additional month or two’s costs at this house), plus three or four weekends taken up entirely with cruising as fast as possible or alternatively the cost of a professional skipper. This plan was suddenly looking less practical than I’d originally thought.

As part of my research about living aboard, I had joined a couple of forums of boaters. What should I do, I asked them. Should I get another full survey, on a boat which was surveyed just under two years ago? (If there has been one piece of consistent advice about buying a boat, it’s been GET A SURVEY. Now here I am considering not getting a survey.) I was expecting the replies to be consistent and vehement, and the first ones certainly were. Then, up popped an out-of-the-box possible solution. I like these. Living on a boat instead of in a very expensive flat is an out-of-the-box solution. It would involve seeing the existing survey, asking the author to look at the boat again and make a recommendation based on it. That could happen quickly, before Easter. My dream of Dreams looks nearer once again! I’m in the process of lining up all the ducks: insurer, broker, surveyor… and crossing my fingers!




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