Getting closer

So the surveyor is booked. Touch wood- if there are no major problems identified, I could be cruising off over the Easter weekend!

I’m still trying to declutter, but two things are conspiring to slow me down. One is the problem of identifying what I can do without and what I can’t (I’m a natural hoarder). The other is the sheer scale of the problem. I really need a car boot sale this weekend, but I can’t find one advertised anywhere local. But really, wherever I look there are my belongings. All over the place. Lamps, boxes, drawers and drawers of things which I use rarely, but sometimes. What I need is a few clear days- no work and no Daughter- to just go through it and be ruthless.

Hopefully, the Ex will be away over the holidays. So I’m hoping that even if I can’t move the Boat all the way home in one go, I can at least move it and pack up in peace, by turns and be ready to go by the time school is back in. It all feels a little precarious, not least the current living situation, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.


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