Game on!

The surveyor rang this evening to tell me that it’s essentially good news all round. She’s a good boat, he thinks, with generally good workmanship and nicely done out inside. The boiler doesn’t work to run the central heating, but I suspect I might ask for money off and fix that myself rather than get it done pre-purchase- again, for speed of proceedings.

I’ve some lovely friends lined up to help me learn how to use her and a couple of other offers of help nearer this end. It’ll be a slower journey than I pictured from the Canal Plan website ‘s 48-hour estimate: to me, 48 hours is from now until Wednesday night, of course, but we’ll be travelling with young children, and also a novice skipper (me), so making 7 hours’ travelling time a day is unlikely. However, the sooner we start the sooner we will arrive!

The river stretch is worrying me but I’ve had a couple of offers of experienced help with that part, so again, fingers crossed that it’ll be manageable.

The other thing is that I moved in haste last week after some unpleasantness with the Ex, which means that most of my stuff- the most useful stuff- is locked into a massive game of Tetris in my parents’ garage. Some serious furniture shuffling may be needed before we set off to locate essential items such as Daughter’s new lifejacket, the kitchen box(es) and all my socks… Further updates likely on the chances of finding them again!


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