A halt- so, a post with some pictures

So I’ve had Dreams for two weeks today. She’s moored at the moment and I’m visiting my parents, getting some laundry done and indulging my internet addiction (which has been neglected recently!). I’m also about to enter the river, and I’m waiting for a crew member to metaphorically hold my hand- it’ll be fine, but I’m wary of the weirs and the potentially swift rise of the waters if we have a lot of rain.

Living on the boat has been a lovely experience so far- the quiet times on my own, the more raucous times with friends- making new friends, and experiencing the kindness of strangers, overlapping lives for a day or so- the camaraderie of the cut.

Some more tedious parts, too. The batteries, though apparently fully charged, are not converting their charge into power for the inverter which means that none of the 240V equipment on the boat will work any more (like the fridge, and I can’t plug in my phone to charge; that sort of thing). I’ll get a second opinion of course, and the 12V lights are at least working (for now!) despite the battery monitor telling me there’s no power at all, so it’s not critical. Touch wood.

The loo is a macerator, and it doesn’t seem to like our loo roll. I’ll have to get some more flimsy stuff (or perhaps we’ll go the full eco and start using reusable… hmmm…). In the meantime, we’re closing the lid and using other people’s (and shops’, and pubs’…) more than usual!

Most tediously for me, I lit a fire the other night with the last of the kindling, and it filled the boat with smoke and then went out. At least I know the smoke alarm works! But I suspect it means that the flue needs a clean, so I’ll be borrowing M&D’s chimney brush and giving it a sweep… making the least mess possible…

However, these things are to be expected. And aside from them, I am feeling like boat life could be for me. For the long haul. Yes, it’s early days! But in for a penny… and so far, so good.

Today I arranged for a few items of furniture to go on sale at a local shop, “It Takes Two…” in Wotton-under-Edge. (Phil doesn’t have a website but if you are in Wotton it’s worth a glance into his shop- and into Lynn’s shop Daisy M Vintage, next door.)

And here are a few taster photos of Dreams 🙂



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