Finding some down sides

I should have written this up last weekend, but I was so down with the down side that I couldn’t find the energy. It had been a beautiful, spring-like week until the Friday, when it rained. And rained. And rained again. I went to the boat after a full day’s work, tired and damp. I lit the fire, fortunately not smoking out the whole boat again, bought some chips and ate them, and put the lights on for an hour so I could read. After an hour- it was about 9pm- I was just about to go to bed when a regular beeping began, which I traced to the gas sensor’s fault light. The battery levels are now so low that the gas sensor was complaining it didn’t have enough power to work. The beep was quite loud, quite penetrating. I felt sure I wouldn’t get much sleep with it going off all night, so despite the anti-social hour I started the engine. After an hour, the sensor was still beeping and the batteries were still registering as uncharged, so I switched off the engine and took a shower in the dark. When I came out, despite more power having been used for the whale gulper shower pump (great name, isn’t it!?), the beeping had stopped and the sensor was happy again. Mystery.

Anyway, I’d been expecting a bright day on Saturday but I awoke to rain- lumpy rain at that. By nine it had developed into snow, though it wasn’t pitching in town- and the river levels were high enough to push the boards into the red. (The Avon has a traffic light system- green is normal, amber means proceed with caution, and red means unnavigable.) I would not be moving that day; and with the water due to rise even more over the following twelve hours I couldn’t move on Sunday either (even though it was a bright and sunny day). I pottered about, put up a rail for the draught excluder I’m going to hang, put up a mirror, cleaned up and cooked. It was perfectly pleasant, apart from the batteries; not only the lights and the gas sensor were struggling but also the toilet mechanism- and that’s all I’ll say on that topic!

So I’d hoped to be in Tewkesbury by the end of Sunday but was still in Stratford. It was a disappointing weekend, even though I got to stroke an eagle owl



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