Noisy ducks!

I appealed on Facebook this week for people who fancied a bit of boating. Out of the blue my friend I offered his help for Sunday- so on Saturday I went back up to Stratford to check on Dreams. I’d had an Overheard-in-Waitrose sort of morning (yoga, followed by a falafel wrap bought in Stroud’s farmers’ market) and I called in at Evesham Marina on the way up to confirm my mooring for the Sunday evening and the week. Noel suggested there might be the possibility of the battery centre having a look at the batteries while she’s moored there, so I’m crossing my fingers on that. I got to Stratford at around 12 and as it was Shakespeare’s birthday celebrations there was nowhere to park so I left the car in the retail park and walked into the centre. I met up with my friend N and her two children, who wanted to see the boat- we had a lovely catch-up and a cup of tea, then we wandered around to the information centre to get my Avon licence (and a Stratford Canal badge for the door). N and the girls had to go after that so I had an early tea at the Red Lion, put up my new badge (no pictures, sorry!) and went to bed at half past eight.

A female duck was quacking non-stop from about 6pm and I’m sure she quacked all night long. I don’t know whether she’d lost a clutch of eggs or chicks- I’ve seen a rat climbing the trees opposite the mooring, so it’s entirely possible. I woke up at half past eleven at the climax of the fireworks show (it was lovely, what I saw of it) and she was still quacking, and she was still quacking at 5:30 the following morning when the swans both sprinted along the canal by Dreams slapping their wings on the water- also very noisy. At this point I gave up and got up for some coffee!


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