Getting on my bike

I last owned a bike when I was twelve. Back then, I had the bike I’d desperately wanted when I was ten- it was lilac, and it had a basket. By the time I was twelve I desperately wanted a mountain bike. I also lived at the top of a substantial hill. The two things combined to stop me riding my bike, despite having been a fervent biker since I learned to ride. I never got another bike because “you don’t ride the one you’ve got”! (Chuh, parents.)

Anyway, I went on a borrowed bike with a neighbour’s nephew on a ride when I was 18, just to keep the lad company, and that was the last time I rode one until… last Tuesday. A kind pontoon neighbour lent me hers and I rode to the shop and back. Wobbly, unconfident, but I didn’t fall off (or in) and I really enjoyed it.

I’ve been talking for years about getting a bike, for the environmental and health benefits. But I finally found one for Boat Girl, and I decided that the time had come to get my own as well- and today, I did! “New Bike Joy!” said my friend M and he was right. After a day of working, I really enjoyed a ride two bridges down and then back through the village. It was lush. I can’t wait for Boat Girl to learn to ride hers so that we can go out together!


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