Back to work. Resolutions- or suggestions!

I do enjoy my job but these dark, cold mornings make a challenge of getting out of the house; the other major challenges for me at the moment are getting enough sleep (I always seem to find something to do- or look at online- around 9:30 when I ought to be snuggling down) and getting enough daylight. I really struggle with that one, because I usually work through my lunch break in order not to bring work home with me, and to be able to leave early to pick up Boat Girl from school.

Does anyone else find that they struggle to fit work into their life? I wonder during the holidays how I manage to go out to work when there’s so much else that needs doing- time with Boat Girl, domestic work, maintenance jobs, writing and hobbies. We are dog-sitting at present and having help with the walks, but honestly, I feel like I could easily fill my life and never be bored if I didn’t have to go out to work!

Ideally I think I’d work two days in this job, with the rest of the money made by writing, from home. That would be pretty much perfect for me. Maybe 2017 will be the year?

New exercise leggings arrived yesterday, vibrant and funky from Tikiboo. I wanted some rainbow ones, then I was tempted by the unicorns, but finally I settled on these. I needed them because I’m bigger than I’ve been before and my ordinary leggings made my leg go numb last time I wore them! I’m booked onto a home practice yoga course in a couple of weeks and I’ve also got a place on a beginners’ adult aerial class which is VERY exciting. Running (hmmm. Well, trotting) will start on Monday, my day off, so that I can do it in daylight!

Your resolutions/adjustments to achieve your goals?


Getting on my bike

I last owned a bike when I was twelve. Back then, I had the bike I’d desperately wanted when I was ten- it was lilac, and it had a basket. By the time I was twelve I desperately wanted a mountain bike. I also lived at the top of a substantial hill. The two things combined to stop me riding my bike, despite having been a fervent biker since I learned to ride. I never got another bike because “you don’t ride the one you’ve got”! (Chuh, parents.)

Anyway, I went on a borrowed bike with a neighbour’s nephew on a ride when I was 18, just to keep the lad company, and that was the last time I rode one until… last Tuesday. A kind pontoon neighbour lent me hers and I rode to the shop and back. Wobbly, unconfident, but I didn’t fall off (or in) and I really enjoyed it.

I’ve been talking for years about getting a bike, for the environmental and health benefits. But I finally found one for Boat Girl, and I decided that the time had come to get my own as well- and today, I did! “New Bike Joy!” said my friend M and he was right. After a day of working, I really enjoyed a ride two bridges down and then back through the village. It was lush. I can’t wait for Boat Girl to learn to ride hers so that we can go out together!